The Courageous New World of IoT: Ten Key Issues

by IoTComplete’s Jimmy Schaeffler

Developing a viable Internet of Things, like just about every technology that preceded it, is not going to be an easy task. Challenging it from the outset will be a series of questions, concerns, and obstacles, some of the key of which are noted here below

  1. Who controls IoT’s “Big Data”? 
  2. Will The IoT Infrastructure Be Adequate?
  3. Will There Be A Lack of IoT Standards?
  4. How Will We Create/Maintain IoT Data Quality?
  5. How Can We Maintain Adequate + Timely IoT Business Integration?
  6. How Do We Manage Government Policy and Regulations re: IoT?
  7. How Will We Create/Engender Best IoT Uses and Practices (.e.g., Relevant and Place/Geo Sensitive)?
  8. When Will The Business and Consumer Communities Be Ready For Primetime IoT?
  9. Which Companies Will Dominate IoT?
  10. Is The IoT Right For You, Is It Right For Your Company?

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