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This Internet of Things (IoT)…Well, It’s Just Amazing!

IoTWorld + JAS + JP 5-2015

IoTWorld + JAS + JP 5-2015

By’s Jimmy Schaeffler

(May 12, 2015, San Francisco, CA) –

San Francisco’s multi-storied Moscone Center West opened its doors, and primed its escalators, for hundreds of visibly charged techies May 12-13, for the 2d annual IoTWorld conference and exhibition located a few blocks south of Market Street (See, The two photos at right and below IoTWorld + JAS # 1help describe the author’s day in The City, one wearing his first set of Virtual Reality Eyewear, the other cajoling with a good friend and former college roommate of the author’s two sons.

Connected Mobility

These IoT World highlights include the author’s focus for the visit, which was as the conference chairman for another Iot-related event, scheduled for the Santa Clara Convention Center (SCCC), October 26-29, 2015, called Connected Mobility 2015: The Future of Transportation, where mostly car and truck vehicle-change is headed (See,

Thus, displays and sessions that featured eMobility (e.g., the future of transportation in the realm of energy and efficiency…think Tesla), as well as iMobility (think interconnectivity and the Internet…something much closer to IoT), were visited and tracked.

Key companies contacted in this “connected mobility” realm included Samsung, Honda, Bosch, Toshiba, Intel, Innova Uev, Epson/nGrain, Silicon Labs, Frontline, and the investment banker, Stifel Nicholas.

Opening General Session

Main IotWorld 2015 SFO event sponsors included IBM, Microsoft, Bosch, Dell and Intel.

The opening general session Tuesday, May 12, was specifically sponsored by Samsung, and featured several vendors with whom Samsung is now collaborating. Some highlights include:

  • San Francisco City Chief Information Officer (CIO), Miguel Gamino, outlined the City By The Bay’s steps toward embracing the Internet of Things. This is important because municipalities typically own and control rights of way. This is true not just for auto and other vehicles, but also for things like electricity. Mr. Gamino mentioned an SFO city goal of offering Internet connectivity on every wall plate in every home within the San Francisco footprint. See slide below for guidance.IoTWorld2015 SFO Samsung
  • Samsung’s CSO, Young Sohn, said that for his $200/year sized company, preceded by the personal computer, the Internet, and the Smart Phone, Samsung sees today as what it calls the “Internet of Things” era. Via Samsung’s newly-introduced Artik platform, Samsung described optimizing the Internet of Things to help people make better use of information to save and make more money, and to make things we do and items we use safer and more efficient. Specific IoT global challenges included a) shifting demographics (e.g., an aging population in countries like Japan; b) urbanization (e.g., with projections that very soon half the world’s population will reside in urban locales), and c) the “obvious” effects of climate change.IoTWorld SFO 2015 JAS + Glasses
  • Other Samsung-affiliated companies introduced as core to the Samsung IoT commitment were Boogio, Massimo Banzi, Temboo, and Weenat.



Exhibits, Including Epson and NGrain

Once on the Exhibit floor, I was introduced to my first serious demonstration of virtual reality eyewear, this time in the form of glasses with picture-in-screen for use in technical learning, developed by a company called NGrain (which is a partner of Epson). See, eyewear and the demo were impressive, and it is hard to see how such a device cannot be effective being involved in quite a few business and educational environments. See the photos below, for exhibits of both this eyewear device and a close family friend who also attended the IotWorld event on behalf of his San Francisco-based new tech company.

Indeed, the more I see…the more I like: This Internet of Things (IoT) stuff, well, it’s just amazing!