The Internet of Things (IoT): 7 Things You Are Going To Like!

Saving Money and Time, and Consumers Will Help Build It

By IoTComplete’s Jimmy Schaeffler

(November 1, 2014: Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another way of stating the idea that more and more people will use and carry devices on their person, and in their homes and vehicles, and more and more business machines will have many more similar (and more complex) devices. All those devices will in turn communicate with other devices in other machines and other places, all the while analyzing the data that comes from those original devices, typically aimed at making actions and people and machines more efficient.

Yet the real key for humankind is that that collection and analysis be done well, so as ultimately to use this amazing new technology to improve the quality of our lives.

With that in mind, introduces our consumer audience to what some of those key improvements are going to represent (in nor particular order). A future article intends to examine a similar subject via-a-vis the business community.

  • #1  The IoT will allow us to become more efficient. Just one small example of this will be less and less time spent in the auto driving, and more time spent doing other, more productive things, even if that is just reading the news or reviewing emails while traveling between locales at 75 miles per hour.
  • # 2  The IoT will make people safer, which means they will have less stress (if they want that), and they will live longer.
  • # 3  The IoT will save us money. Overall, things that are done for a given sum today will be done for less money using the IoT. For example, a car run more safely and efficiently because of the IoT, means a car that lasts longer because it is repaired as needed, and it does not fall victim to car crashes.
  • # 4  The IoT will lessen the time spent doing chores, thus permitting people to be more productive and, ideally (if they want it), have more leisure time.
  • # 5  The IoT will become a greater value. This means that software and hardware that is expensive today because it is rare and difficult to implement, will quickly become less so, meaning quicker implementation of IoT is achieved.
  • # 6  The IoT will mean constant, 24/7 connectivity. Note that like several others of these “Likes,” there is also an element of dislike, i.e., many people will not appreciate this level of connectivity. But, for those that do, the stimuli will be awesome!
  • # 7  The IoT will mean a much greater sense of knowledge and awareness. Similar to the “Like” # 6 above, information (and entertainment) will be collected, and will be coming and going, incessantly, which means for those who value more data and knowledge, it will be a good time to be a human being.
  • Bonus: The IoT will be great fun to develop. That is because not unlike the world of “apps” that are developed and installed in smart phones today, future IoT implementations will be proposed by citizens and welcomed by businesses.

A future article will focus on “7 Things About IoT You Are Not Going To Like,” however, to further incentivize people, businesses, governments, and other institutions to maintain a level of optimism and enthusiasm necessary for the maximization of new innovation and investment necessary to get us most deliberately and quickly into IoT, we insist on beginning with the positives.

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