Telematics San Diego 2014: Gathers (and Shares) More IoT Data

By IoTComplete’s Jimmy Schaeffler

(November 4, 2014; Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA)

Telematics San Diego 2014 was held October 30-31, 2014, at the San Diego Mission Bay Hilton Hotel. IOTComplete‘s Jimmy Schaeffler attended almost every session at the e-and-iMobility-in-the-vehicle focused Halloween’s Eve event.

Indeed, the clear focus of Telematics San Diego 2014 was on the Internet of Things (IoT) (also referred to at the conference as “The Internet of The Automobile”), and how electronics and interconnectivity in the automobile is making that IoT-In-The-Auto happen. estimates overall attendance numbered about 230.

Among The Speakers/Sponsors

Scheduled speakers from some of the world’s largest and most powerful auto companies (e.g., GM, Ford, Audi/VW, Toyota, Nissan, Jaguar/Landrover, and Mercedes) were in attendance, and the group as a whole provided a wonderful view of where telematics in the form of the IoT, and how electronics in the car make that happen.

Other speakers from among the top executives in various vehicle-related fields, such as Baron for weather information, IHS for automobile data, and PubNub for data streaming. Particularly impressive was a session entitled “Beyond The Forecast: Taking Weather Data To The Next Level,” delivered by a threesome including Baron’s CEO, Glen Denny; Baron’s Exec VP and Chief Development Officer, Bob Dreisewerd; and Baron’s in-house meteorologist, and Director of Business Dev, Chris Carr.

Top sponsors of the 2-day event included Aupro!, Inrix, Taoglas, Wejo, Baron, Arynqa, Novatel Wireless, UIE, NPR, and Nuance.

Among The Exhibitors

Meanwhile, the adjoining demonstration floor was populated by the likes of Jaguar/Landrover, Taoglas, Aupeo, AT4, Arynga, Abalta, Baron, and QT. Indeed, unlike similar shows, the authors were impressed with the number of attendees who actually spent time in the exhibition room, as well as the receptivity of the booth representatives toward “IoT Newbees” (of which the majority of folks in the world qualify) and others looking to soak up the latest in what the car of tomorrow is quickly looking like.

Data Galore

Each day of Telematics San Diego 2014 produced lots of fascinating facts, data, and opinions, including these two particular gems: 1) streaming media is now the # 2 entertainment source in today’s vehicles (meaning the Internet is getting a lot more use); and 2) in-vehicle interfaces were deemed almost universally deficient, adding to the continuing problems of a rather flaccid user-in-the-vehicle experience.

For example, the British telematics company (using mobile and satellite infrastructure), Wejo, introduced the idea of collecting consumer/driver data in a unique way: give the consumer/driver rewards for the collection of their data and the creation of a relationship with the vehicle or a part of that vehicle (e.g., the entertainment system).

The Day Two final presentation covered a fascinating look at the legal side of data ownership and privacy, as they relate to choices courts and companies make – a will be making — between automakers vs. consumers. Indeed, one of the fascinating takeaways from this closing session by Gail Gottehrer, Esq., of the law firm Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider, was that the technical and other complexity of cases in the telematics arena is going to become increasingly complex, almost to the point where judges are going to more and more lament the difficulty of coming to the proper decisions.

Part of the service aspect of is attending, paying lots of attention, meeting lots of people, and learning as much as possible at key events built around the Internet of Things, both in the U.S. and abroad. Throughout 2014 and into future years, Jimmy Schaeffler and his staff intend to not just attend, but participate in as a speaker and panelist, in many of these most important events. He and will continue to write about and report these events and lessons to the Users/Readers/Constituents of